Sesame Black(G654) Granite stone is the largest export volume of stone varieties, and his color is called dark gray or sesame black, Our Sesame Black(G654) granite product sales around the world, Europe, America, Russia and the Middle East etc, exporting more than 20 containers per month. About G654 Granite

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    Alishan G654 Factory established in 1990, located in China Stone Town-Shuitou, Nan'an City, Fujian Province. We are professional processing the G654 granite. Including G654 granite tile, G654 slabs, G654 kerbstone, G654 palisades, G654 paving stone, G654 tiles, G654 slabs. we have accumulated rich experience in stone industry.

Sesame Black(G654) Name:
  • In the absence of one and the same standard, it had many, many names, Chinese stone managers as standard is known as the G654, but the export is typically referred to Sesame Black, also Dark Gray and Black Gray.
  • Other names are:G3554, China Impala, New Impala, Padang Dark, Xiamen Sesame Black, Sesame Grey, China Grey, Fujian Grey, Fujian Black gray.etc
Sesame Black(G654) Origin: China
Sesame Black(G654) color: Sesame Black, Also known as the Dark Grey and Black Gray.
Sesame Black(G654) Granite Surface Finished Processed:
Polished Honed Flamed Sandblasted Pineappled
Natural Tumbled Chiseled Bushhammed Sawn cut

Sesame Black(G654) where can be used for:
slabs & tiles, paving stone, kerbsotnes, tombstone and monuemnts, stone carvings, palisade, mushroom, cube stones. etc.

Widely used for curbstones in garden, commercial and residential, Building areas, plazas, seacoasts, railways and port station etc. Used for driveway, walkways, garden, and more other outdoor paving.

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G654 Usually Surface G654 Big Slab G654 Tile G654 Slab
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G654 Kerbstones G654 Mushroom G654 Cube Stones G654 Paver Stones