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The G654 Grey Granite Tile Picture:

G654 Grey Granite Tile
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Products Name:G654 Grey Granite Tile
Material:Sesame Black(G654) granite.The Material other names:G3554,China Impala,New Impala,Nero Impala,Padang Dark,Sesame Grey,China Grey,Fujian Grey,Fujian Black gray.etc
Color:Sesame Black also Dark Gray and Black Gray.
Usage:Driveway,Walkways,Garden,more other Outdoor Paving
Surface finished Processed:Flamed


The G654 Grey Granite Tile Product Description:

The sesame black(g654) stone are widely used for garden, driveway, walkways,road decoration. They can have a stable looking, firm decorating effect. They are very popular in the world.

The size of it is usually to be 15x20x60cmup, or 100cm, or 20x20cmx80cmup, or 40x40x100cmup, it accordingly. But usually there is one 2-5cm bevel for the surface. Surface finish is often sawn, or flamed, bushhammered, not polished. Because it must have one important function--skidproof. This is very useful for the products.

We exported lots of containers of this kind of products to European countries and Asian Countries. They have high reputation, we are proud of it.
Any size, any design, can be made according to your request.